Sam Gaskins for Congress 2016


Hello district 1 Kentucky voter

I am Sam Gaskins and I am running for Congress.  

I would like to thank you for visiting our campaign website and learning why it’s important that WE are well represented in Washington D.C. 

WE are a team!

Before I enlisted in the Armed Forces, I was driving a tractor at my farm and dreaming about seeing the world. I didn’t envision that my first trip outside the country would be fighting a war in Iraq. Some nights, I would dream about Kentucky. But most nights, I couldn’t dream because I couldn’t sleep. If I did fall asleep, I would be risking my life and the lives of my fellow soldiers. Well…I didn’t fall asleep. I kept my promise to my fellow soldiers and I’m here today to tell you that if elected, I will keep my promise to serve and protect the 520,000 bosses I will have in the first district of Kentucky. I fought to protect our freedom and I will fight in Washington D.C for the 1st district, Kentucky and our nation.

I’ve spent a lot of time traveling around the 35 counties I will be representing. I’ve met a lot of hard working people that have many questions. John from Paducah wanted to know, “How are we going to repair or rebuild the failing infrastructure?” Well John, let me give you an overview of just some of what we are facing:

  • Carlisle Counties Levee’s have blown due to heavy rains 
  • Wolf Creek Dam is eroding away
  • Roads and Bridges are crumbling in every county
  • Waste water systems are overwhelmed
  • The electrical grid is outdated 

These infrastructure issues don’t only face the 1st district and the state of Kentucky. They face our whole nation. This is a national security risk!.…..This is a national security risk that we must fix! When elected, I will make sure to be first in line to address it. 

 Before 9/11, I was a marine stationed in Quantico. I trained hundreds of lieutenants that would eventually lead our servicemen into combat. After serving the Corps, I joined the army after September 11th to fight for our nation and defeat the ones responsible for that horrific day. I worked directly with the 2nd divisions commanding general in Iraq. It gave me great perspective on international affairs and diplomacy.

Donald Trump and your supporters….Building walls which my opponent supports and insulting heroes will defeat you, not elect you. I served alongside every race and religion in the U.S Army and Marines and they would die for me and I would die for them. 



I was wounded in Iraq…

Upon my return home due to injury, I became quite familiar with the VA and it’s problems facing my fellow brothers and sisters in arms.  

The VA issues don’t only face the 1st district and the state of Kentucky. When elected, I will make

 sure to be first in line to help my fellow brothers and sisters in arms!

Citizens of Kentucky…We need unity, not division. IMG_0344.jpgIMG_0344.jpg

In response to the great depression, in 1933, the democrats unified our nation by enacting the 3 Rs," Relief, Recovery, and Reform: relief for the unemployed and poor, recovery of the economy to normal levels, and reform of the financial system. The Republicans were against it. 8.5 million jobs were created under the WPA. 

Letters were written  in this time period from cities across Kentucky indicating that if jobs and monies hadn’t been given, that many would have starved and the cities would have ceased to exist. 

That’s unification….Not building walls and forgetting how our nation was founded. We have strength, hope and faith. We pick people up when they need a hand. 

I’m an American, a father, a husband and a patriot. I swore an oath to defend the constitution and my oath has no expiration date.

I’m Sam Gaskins and I am running for U.S Congress in the 1st district!

Thank You